Abhcan started in 2000 as two highschool friends, Gast (rhythm guitar) and Steph (bass), playing together for fun and simply covering their favorite metal and rock anthems. They were joined shortly after by drummer Yaume, who brought a harder metal & extreme identity to the lot.

From 2000 to 2010, the goal was simply to jam together, but after they were joined by Arno in 2012, the four of them got eager to write more original songs. They soon started to play on various stages in the Paris area like the Gibus and the Trabendo. In 2015 (or January 2016?), Abhcan released a first self produced demo named Redemption with former singer, who then had to leave the band due to geographic reasons.

Lina joined the band in 2017, and thus started the first album conception, bringing a mix of lyric and chest singing and adding a mixture of growl and scream to the Abhcan songs. Later in 2019, the band revealed the artwork and the name of upcoming album, known now as "The Pit". The album is announced to be released before summer 2020, and the band has been touring since end of 2019 in the Paris area (Backstage By The Mill, New Morning, Petit Bain...) to promote it.

Abhcan is the son of Bilcelmos, harpist at Tuatha de Dannan (people of the Dana goddess) in Irish and Celtic mythology.

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